First Class Affiliate Marketing Course

Interested In Your Own Online Business

If you have an interest in starting a business of your own online but would like some help or guidance then can I introduce you to a great Affiliate Marketing platform which is known as Wealthy Affiliate. By joining this great Community you will be able to start on a great venture with all the help and training you can get.

I have listed below a few of the ways that show why the people who are already members of Wealthy Affiliate love the community.

  1. There is live interactive and help available 24/7.
  2. You have access to a lot of training through tutorials, videos as well as courses.
  3. You can start with a Free Starter Membership which gives you 2 free websites.
  4. Strictly spam free.

Membership Pricing

There two memberships available.

The Starter Membership which costs $0

The Premium Membership which costs $49 monthly and $359 yearly.

At the moment though, Wealthy Affiliate are getting ready to launch their yearly Black Friday offer, which gives you great savings. Why not have a look here and see what is on offer for 2017.

Who Is This Beneficial To

Anyone from stay at home mums, to marketers or people with successful businesses already up and running but who would like to take it up a step and even to someone who has just started would find that joining Wealthy Affiliate could be beneficial to them. By joining you become part of an enormous community of people who are all very friendly and very willing to offer their help when it is needed.

So, whether you have a little or even no experience and whether you are young (over 16) or old and regardless of where you stay (although there are some exceptions) in the world and as long as you have access to an internet connection then you would be able to join the greatest Affiliate Marketing platform of Wealthy Affiliate and receive all the help and training you need to get your website and business up and running.

Available Tools and Training

Noted below are just a few of the great training and tools that you receive while being a Wealthy Affiliate member to help you make your business. The training is organised for all levels of expertise and is very comprehensive that even the business clients who are most advanced also are covered.

  1. Getting Started Certification Course (10 task based lessons, Level One only for free members)
  2. Affiliate Bootcamp (10 task based lessons, Phase1 only for free members)
  3. Weekly live Training Classes
  4. Question and Answer periods
  5. Interactive discussions.

Here are a few of the worthwhile tools also available within your Wealthy Affiliate membership.

  1. With the FREE Starter membership you have 2 free websites, with the Premium membership you have 25 free websites available.
  2. Keyword Search tool which is FREE (Premium only).
  3. Themes and Plugins available from WordPress which are also FREE.

Support Network

There is a great support network available within Wealthy Affiliate, not only do you have constant access to both Kyle and Carson (Owners), there is also the amazing community who will have no problem in helping you with any problems that you may have or if you are just looking for advice. The Community also have the live chat facility which Kyle and Carson also often participate in as well. The live chat is only available to Premium Members as are sending direct private messages to Kyle or Carson.

What I Think

After finding Wealthy Affiliate and becoming a member, which I have now been for over a year and a half I can definitely  recommend them and what they are offering to anyone who may be thinking about having their own website or planning on creating an online business.